Our Company

GULL PRAIRIE   –   Gull Prairie Inc. is a small company that has provided high-potency applications to corporations since 1991 – that’s over 24 years! We don’t try to “do everything for everybody,” but we are particularly good at delivering low-cost SQL analysis tools which enhance the Epicor ERP experience.

EPICOR SALES ANALYZER – We make comprehensive sales analysis software that reads the Epicor SQL data of quotes + orders + invoices and delivers it into one coherent view for display as a pivot table, report, or live Google Map. Link
EPICOR INVENTORY ANALYZER – We have a simple to use tool which pulls Epicor SQL inventory data and displays it onscreen as “generated on-demand” MRP analysis.
EPICOR DEVELOPER HELPER – We make a tool kit for Epicor developers that includes screens to maintain the field descriptions of UDF fields, search native Epicor fields and tables by name fragments, and run SQL queries to explore table linkages and raw field content.